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University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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                        Christchurch, New Zealand

                                       Fall of Junior Year
                           (Early July through Mid-November)
             Global E3 Partner - Competitive Application Process



MA111 Calculus (5)
PH111 Physics I (4)
RHIT100 RH Success (1)
EM104 Graphical Communications (2)
RH131 Rhetoric & Composition (4)

MA112 Calculus II (5)
PH112 Physics II (4)
EM121 Statistics and Mechanics of Materials I (4)
HSSA Elective (4)

CHEM111 / BIO101 (4)
EM103 Introduction to Design (2)
ME123 Computer Programming (4)
MA113 Calculus III (5)


MA211 Differential Equations (4)
ES201 Conservation & Accounting Principles (4)
ES213 Electrical Systems (4)
EM204 Statics and Mechanics of Materials II (4)

MA212 Matrix Algebra and Systems of Differential Equations (4)
ES212 Fluid Systems (4)
ES214 Mechanical Systems (4)
CHEM111 / BIO101 (4)

MA223 Statistics for Engineers (4)
ES205 Analysis & Design of Engineering Systems (4)
RH330 Technical Communications (4)
HSSA Elective  (4)


Quarter to go abroad and
course requirements to be satisfied

ME327 Numerical Methods in Engineering  (4)
ME328 Materials Engineering (4)
EM406 Vibrations (4)
Tech Elective (4)

ME317 Design for Manufacturing  (3)
ME321 Measurement Systems (4)
ME301 Applications of Thermo (4)
HSSA Elective (4)

ME302 Heat Transfer  (4)
ME480 Mach Comp Design (4)
Math or Science Elective (4)
HSSA Elective (4)


ME470 Capstone Design 1 (4)  
ME430 Mechatronic Systems (4)
Tech Elective (4)
HSSA Elective (4)

ME471 Capstone Design II (4)
ME421 ME Lab (2)
HSSA Elective (4)
HSSA Elective (4)
Free Elective (4)

ME472 Capstone Design III (4)
Tech Elective (4)
Tech Elective (4)
Free Elective (4) 


Red and underlined: courses moved from a traditional schedule for study abroad.

Yellow and boxed: Required courses that could be taken at UC. 
Italics: Year 3 courses, otherwise year 2 courses.


Courses that are available at UC and what requirement they would satisfy:
UC Course #  UC Course Name Semester offered   RHIT Course 
EMTH 271 Math Modelling and Computation Sem 2  ME 327
ENME 203 Dynamics & Vibrations Sem 2 EM 406
ENME 207 Materials Science & Engineering Sem 2  ME 328
ENME 305 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Sem 2 ME 302
Technical Electives (there may be others)
ENME 404          
 Aerodynamics and Ground Vehicle Dynamics
ENME 221           
Engineering Design and Manufacture
ENME 313           
Electro Technology for Mechanical Engineers
ENME 311           
Engineering Design and Production Management (ME 317 pre-req?)
ENME 302           
Computational and Applied Mechanical Analysis (ME 323 pre-req?)
ENME 397     
 Independent Study
  • Your weekly schedule will include 13 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour, and an average of 3 lab hours, for a period of 12 weeks.  This is the equivalent of 18 quarter-credits at Rose-Hulman.
  • You may choose to take additional, or different, classes if you can arrange a suitable schedule.  Bear in mind that it may be impossible to take some year-two classes (200-level) and some year-three (300-level) classes in the same semester.
  • Final Transfer of credit depends on departmental approval
  • Be sure to talk to your advisor and the director of study abroad about how classes abroad can fit into your overall plan