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KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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                                                       Stockholm,  Sweden
                                                                 Fall Quarter-Senior Year
                                                       (Early August - Late October)
             Exchange Partner
For more information or to apply: KTH Royal Institute of Technology  

  Fall Winter Spring


MA111 Calculus (5)
PH111 Physics I (4)
RHIT100 RH Success (1)
EM104 Graphical Comm (2)
RH131 Rhetoric & Comp (4)

MA112 Calculus II (5)
PH112 Physics II (4)
EM121 Statics & Mech of Mat I (4)
HSSA Elective (4)

MA113 Calculus III (5)
CHEM111 / BIO101 (4)
EM103 Intro to Design (2)
ME123 Computer Prog (4)



MA211 Differential Equations (4)
ES201 Conservation & Accounting Principles (4)
ES213 Electrical Systems (4)
CHEM111 / BIO101 (4)

MA212 Matrix Algebra & Systems of Differential Equations (4)
ES212 Fluid Systems (4)
ES214 Mechanical Systems (4)
HSSA Elective (4)

MA223 Statistics for Engineers (4)
ES205 Analysis & Design of Engineering Systems (4)
Math / Science Elective (4)
HSSA Elective (4)


ME301 Applications of Thermodynamics  (4)
EM204 Statics and Mechanics of Materials II  (4)
EM406 Vibs or ME406 Controls  (4)
RH330 Technical Communications (4)

ME317 Design for Manufacturing (4)
ME321 Measurement Systems (4)
ME328 Materials Engineering (4)
ME327 Numerical Methods of Engineering (4)

ME302 Heat Transfer (4)
ME480 Machine Component Design (4)
ME470 Capstone Design 1 (4)   

HSSA Elective (4)


Study Abroad
Tech Elective (4)
Tech Elective (4)
Tech Elective (4)
Free Elective (4)

ME 430 Mechatronic Systems (4)
ME 421 ME Lab (2)
ME 471 Capstone Design II (4)
HSSA Elective (4)
Tech Elective (4)

ME 472 Capstone Design III (4)
HSSA Elective (4)
HSSA Elective  (4)
Free Elective (4)

Red and underlined text: courses moved from a traditional schedule for study abroad
Courses that are available at KTH and what requirement they would satisfy: 
                      Technical electives (there could be others)              
SG 2214 Fluid Mechanics
SI 2530 Computational Physics
SF 2561 The Finite Element Method
MF 2047 Internal Combustion Engines
Free elective/Technical Elective
MG 2038 Digital Factories
MG 2042 Distributed Intelligent Automation Systems
MF 2032 Eco Design
MF 2038 Service Design
ME 1003 Industrial Management
MG 2029 Production Engineering-Planning and Control

A final transfer of credit depends on departmental approval. Be sure to talk to your advisor and the director of study abroad about how classes abroad can fit into your overall plan!



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